Hi, I’m Lisa,


Thank you so much for visiting my site, I am so excited to share my passion with you. I am located in Cochrane, AB and I work locally, as well as Calgary and the surrounding areas. 


I am an oil wife and a mother of 3! I entered into photography after my youngest was born. I decided I wanted to be the one to take his newborn photos. Once I did that I realized it was the creative outlet I had been looking for in life. 


I am aspiring to give you photographs that you will love. I want to give you photographs that make you smile every time you look at them. It is so much more to me than just giving you a good photo, it is about celebrating those in the photo and holding onto moments that have passed. With that in mind the type of photography that I have had the pleasure of shooting has been family shoots, newborns/children as well as couples and fitness shoots.



What do I do when I’m not taking photographs?


Well when I am not working on photography I am doing life… one fueled by coffee and running kids to school, dance, and soccer all when my husband is away with work… Gratefully my husband is a wonderfully supportive man that gently pushes me to achieve my goals when the coffee runs low. Besides that, I fill my spare time with various volunteering, exercising like kickboxing or going to the gym. The final piece of my day is playing with my two dogs whom I dearly love, one being a grumpy old dachshund and an energetic chocolate lab.